Day in Mostar

There are so many reasons why you should visit Bosnia and Hercegovina, let us show you why Mostar is the right choice and place for you.

During the drive enjoy in Dalmatian coastline and nature. After leaving the Adriatic sea behind you will pass through the Neretva valley, the largest agriculture region in Croatia. The Valley shares its name with the river that is 225 km long. You will follow the same river all the way till Mostar because it springs in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and only 22 km is passing through Croatia.

When one thinks of Mostar the first image that comes to mind is usually the Old Bridge. It is a really unique attraction, not to be missed. It was completed in 1566, after nine years of work during the Ottoman period. It is stretching across the beautiful turquoise Neretva River and connects two sides of the city. It’s the heart of Mostar’s historic Old town. Every year young local man are practicing how to dive off the bridge. The practice started back in 1664 and became a tradition which still continues today.

Visitors can admire antique historic centre dating back to the Ottoman era. It is a city of mosques, towers and Turkish baths. The market has an eastern feel thanks to the historic Ottoman influences with stalls selling rugs, painted plates, copper items and it gives visitors a Bosnian way of living. What makes this place more fascinating are four religions living together – Islamic, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish.

The Old Bridge and the old city are under the UNESCO since 2005.

Note: Passport is required

Tour includes:

  • Air conditioned van or personal car
  • Port/hotel pickup and drop off
  • English speaking driver
  • Local guide in Mostar

Tour does not include:

  • Food and drinks
  • No entrance fees (museums in Mostar)


  • Licenced guide from Dubrovnik during the trip